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Jun 11, 2017  

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Image from The Star Despite this, Malay headwear hasn’t seen much change over the years… “When it comes to headwear I don’t think there’s a lot of options. Songkok is the only one I’ve seen still standing strong in the evolution of baju Melayu. But some people wear the tengkolok because they want to go back to the Malay roots.” – Ardi Tengkolok image from THEN: Tudung labuh, NOW: Yuna’s turban style hijab. Images from and Rose Petals on Pinterest If there is one thing that sets Muslim wear apart from others, it is the hijab. Once a symbol of modesty, the hijab is no longer just to tutup aurat for Muslim women, as we see it shifting towards being a fashion item. “It doens’t mean if you wear shawls, you’re not as fashionable or as trendy as other people. People can still work their style if they wear a shawl.” – Hafeez Izmal, Co-founder of Heart & Shawl  told CILISOS on the phone Gone are the days of the old-fashioned tudung labuh like cikgu used to wear. You can fold it this way, you can pin it that way, there are tons techniques and styles to the modern hijab, like Yuna who rocks turbans . A woman only has to watch YouTube tutorials for inspiration, something that was not available in the pre-internet days. Hijab tutorials made by Malaysians on YouTube Chiffon and satin materials and pastel colours are rocking the hijabista world, where previously bold, vibrant colours and heavy materials were more prominent, described Hafeez, whose own collection of  hand-painted batik shawls  set Heart & Shawl apart from other brands. (Oh yes, now we even have terms like ‘hijabista’  – a combination of ‘hijab’ and ‘fashionista’ geddit? And ‘ hijabster ‘, a hipster who wears a hijab).

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